Is Vietnam a safe country for travel?

 What can happen to your travel to Vietnam?

1: Petty crime. Petty crimes such as robbery, pick pocketing is one of the biggest concerns for visitors when travelling to Vietnam. This condition is highly reported in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

2: If you are a foreign traveler who cannot speak Vietnamese (of course) or has not been to Vietnam before, you are more likely to be scammed by bad people. There are many forms of complex scams that you cannot imagine.

3: Crazy traffic. It is widely said that “the only rule to cross the road in Vietnam is that there is no rule!”. I feel really embarrassed about it, but I have to admit that it’s true J)! Crossing the road is a thrilling experience for foreign visitors.

4: Paying double/triple price. I know it usually happens when we visit tourist spots or famous destinations. However, even if you’re out of tourist zone, you still face the risk of being asked for double/triple price just because you are a foreigner!

Hình ảnh có liên quan
Is Vietnam a safe country to visit?

Things you should notice to have a wonderful travel

1: Transportation: Uber or Grab is a good option. Traditional taxi really sucks (even local people want to avoid it)! If you really have to get on a taxi, turn on GPS and keep track of the way. Taxi drivers always drive in circle to drain money from tourists.

2: Traffic is extremely chaotic and annoying in crowded cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi. It is much peaceful in Hue or Hoi An city. You should be confident and learn some technical skills to pass the road safely. Check out my detail and helpful advice here.

3: Don’t make yourself a target. Things like phone/camera are usually worth several month salary for some Vietnamese people, so keep your bag/money/wallet close to you all the time. I’m pretty sure you have heard of some foreign visitors losing his/her bag with passport in it.

4: Make sure your hotel or hostel is safe or visited by many people. Keep your cash and document in different places. If you put everything in one pocket and it gets stolen, you could lose them all. If possible, make a copy for it.

5: Avoid wondering in empty corner or taking selfie/picture on the street for too long. Bad guys are gonna rob you from behind or use motorbike to grab your stuff just like “Fast n Furious” version motorbike!

6: Always ask for price, plus bargain before you buy anything. Anything can be bargained”, from clothes, souvenirs to even food on the street. Just say 1/3-1/2 of the price and wait for the seller to response. I make an estimated budget for your travel to Da Nang, in case you ask!


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