How to cross the road in Vietnam?

Crossing the road in Vietnam is such a dangerous sport to any foreign visitors. If you haven’t been to Vietnam or experienced chaotic traffic before, my advice will help you a lot.

Hình ảnh có liên quan
It’s not easy to cross the road in Vietnam

So, how to cross the road safely?

  • First, make sure you’re comfortable with constant “BEEPING” on Vietnamese street! Vietnamese people tend to “beep” each other for no reason! When you cross the road and hear many people beeping at you, don’t be panic. They simply announce their presence and tell that you’re on their way!
  • Look around to check if there is large vehicle or bus coming on the road. You may convince yourself that public transportation would be nice and calm, but it is not! You should be really careful with the bus and always let them pass.
  • Once you decide to cross the road, keep going ahead. Don’t wait until you it safe enough to cross, cause it will never be! Here in Vietnam, people won’t move for you, but they will find way to flow around you. Don’t worry!
  • When crossing the road, you need to be confident. Even when the traffic is crazy, and your instinct is yelling at you to go back, just keep walking! If you stop in the middle of the road or try turn back, it will be even more dangerous.
  • If you’re gonna visit Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh city, avoid driving motorbike at rush hour! It is normally from 7 to 8am (when people go to work) and 5 to 7pm (when they begin to go home). During that time, you’re recommended to walk, or if you’re driving a motorbike, stay away from city center.
  • Last but not least, if you’ve read all these advice and still not confident when crossing the road, ask for help from local people. Most Vietnamese people are friendly and willing to help ❤

Is there any rule to remember?

Local people like me often say “The only rule in Vietnamese street is that there is no rule” J) Though it is really embarrassing, I have to admit it’s true. You shouldn’t try to apply any rules or common senses here, cause it’s inapplicable!


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