Hoi An is not only famous for its unique ancient beauty but also for the diverse of local food. Hoi An must-try local food is truly fascinating and affordable. Now, as a food lover, let me introduce some must-try food in Hoi An for you!

1. Chicken rice (Com ga)

Hoi An chicken rice is the “top quality” dish. The chickens are delicious and farm-raised, the rice is cooked with chicken stock and the right amount of turmeric, which result in slight yellow color and the distinctive taste. An average price for a plate of chicken rice and a small bowl of soup is around 30.000d.

Com ga Hoi An is really a stunning dish

2. Cao Lau

Cao lau is another Hoi An specialty dish. Cao lau is the yellow, thick and chewy noodle, which is quite similar to Japanese udon. It’s often served with barbecued pork, vegetable, beansprout and the gravy. Cao lau can be found anywhere in Hoi An, with price varies from 20.000 to 50.000d. You can try it in the local market. It’s still delicious and inexpensive (around 20.000d)

Cao Lao is another must-try local food in HoiAn

3. Quang noodle (Mi Quang)

Mi quang consists of thin yellow noodle, pork/chicken slices, vegetable, peanuts, quail eggs and well-seasoned gravy. As a specialty of Quang Nam province, this dish should be tried in Hoi An and Da Nang city. Price varies from 20.000 to 50.000d depending on where you eat.

Mi Quang is a specialty of Da Nang and Hoi An

4. Banh mi (Vietnamese Baguette)

Banh mi can be found anywhere on the street. This Vietnamese Baguette has various fillings depending on your choice: Roasted pork/grilled pork/sausage/meatball/fried egg… together with vegetable, pate, butter and hot peppers. In Vietnam, Banh mi is the most enjoyable fast food! It ranges from 10.000d to 20.000d.

Hoi An is famous worldwide for its Banh mi

5. Vietnamese crispy pancake (Banh xeo)

There are lots of ingredients inside Banh xeo (as you see on the pic). Local people wrap it by the rice paper with some greens a pork skewer, then dip it into a tasty pork liver sauce! Banh xeo is always served when it’s hot, so it is a perfect meal to enjoy it in a cold (rainy) day. The average price for each is around 10000d – 15000d.

Banh Xeo is another stunning local food

6. Street grilled pork (thit nuong)

Everybody loves grilled pork. In Hoi An, we eat it in a different way. You need to wait for the vendor to grill it perfectly, wrap it with some greens like a spring roll and dip it into the spicy source. You can either eat in small restaurant or eat on the street with the vendor. A skewer is around 10.000d. In restaurant, it’s served together with Banh xeo.

banh uot thit nuong
This street-barbecue is irresistible!

7. Vietnamese Rice Crackers (Banh dap)

Rick Cracker is an attractive, local snack. It is especially crispy with 2 layers of rice paper and topped with some fried onions, and served with spicy special fish sauce. Most foreign visitors do not like the sauce for the first time for its smell. Just start with 2 or 3 Banh dap to make sure you can eat it!

Banh dap is especially good at Cam Nam village, which only takes you 5-minute walking from the town. It costs only 8.000d each.

Banh Dap is a special local food you should try

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