Vietnamese people go insane about coffee! There is nothing better than starting a new day with a cup of coffee! Most people drink coffee because want to keep themselves alert in the morning. Some are addicted to it, and there are some who drink for no apparent reason!

What are the most popular styles of Vietnamese coffee?

  • Black coffee, also called “DEN DA” in Vietnamese.

Black coffee (no matter it’s hot or cold) is always bitter and super strong that hardly any foreign visitors can bear it at the first time! The traditional style of Den da is the dark roasted coffee dripping down from a small drip filter. Inside the filter is grown coffee and hot water to boil it.

Vietnamese black coffee
  • “Brown” coffee, also call “CAFE SUA DA” in Vietnamese.

This type of coffee is more popular because it is less bitter and easier to drink. It is the black coffee blended perfectly with rich, sweetened-condensed milk! This combination creates strong and attractive flavor to all coffee lovers. It is also my favorite type. ❤

Vietnamese “brown” coffee
  • Big brown coffee, also called “CAFE SUA SAIGON”

When you order “cafe sua”, it usually comes in small-size cup. The bigger and more satisfied one is “ca phe sua Saigon”, which is so milky and fresh. If you cannot bear the bitter taste of coffee, and you’re wandering somewhere in Vietnam feeling so thirsty in the summer, this drink is a perfect solution!

The famous “cafe sua Saigon”

So, do you know how to drink Vietnamese coffee like a local?

All you need to do is to wake up early in the morning, pick a nice coffee shop (it could be a street coffee shop or a luxurious one), and order your fav type of coffee. So many tourists that lived in Vietnam for a long period of time have learned to order coffee by the Vietnamese language!

Immerse yourself in the rich flavor of coffee, listen to the sound of music playing in the coffee shop, read a newspaper or observe people getting around on the street, that’s exactly how Vietnamese people do to begin their new day.


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