Center located attractions in Da Nang city

Da Nang city has a lot of tourist attractions, which are both near and far away from city center. This post is only about center-located tourist attractions in Da Nang city. With these below places, I highly recommend that you should to take a walk, instead of hiring a motorbike, to slowly and fully enjoy the hidden beauty of this city.

  1. Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral is one of the most special catholic churches in Vietnam. The church is famous for its beautiful architectural structure and lighting interior design. It was built by a French priest during French colonial period, and have been through little innovation up to now. On top of the church is a grey rooter, which is 70m high, a unique symbol of the church.

Don’t you find the church beautiful?

Location: On Tran Phu street, near Han market.
Ticket/fee: Free of charge
– It is a fascinating place to take picture. Many professional photographers and couples come here to take picture every day.
– The church is opened in the morning and closed after 5pm.

  1. Han market

Han market is not only a commercial center but also an attractive tourist destination right in the center of Da Nang city. It is an indoor market with a variety of products, ranging from food (vegetable, fresh food, dried food) to fabrics, clothing, shoes…

Location: On Tran Phu street, near Han market.

The main gate of Han market
This is everything inside Han market

-The market is opened early in the morning and closed around 6pm in the afternoon. The most vibrant time of a day is early morning, when seafood is delivered here.
– Since you are a tourist, the sellers will probably tell you a much higher price than usual. If you really want to buy some something, bargain from one third to half of the price.
– Avoid going to the market early (before 9am). If you are the first person who come to their stall but do not buy anything, the sellers will get angry at you, since they regard it as a bad luck!

  1. Da Nang museum

If you’re interested in history and culture, this place is ideal for you. Da Nang museum is really big, modern and well-equipped. It is also right next to Da Nang administrative center, which is also a beautiful building. The museum displays thousands of artifact, sampling and pictures about history of Da Nang city.

Location: On Tran Phu street
Ticket/fee: Last time I went there, the ticket for non-local tourist is 20.000 VND.

The entrance gate of Da Nang museum

-It is only opened on weekdays (except Monday), from 8am to 4:30pm.
-If you want to learn about Da Nang history during your walk-through, you can ask to have a museum guide to explain everything for you. I don’t know how much it will cost since I haven’t tried it.

  1. Dragon Bridge

You probably know it! Dragon bridge the symbol of Da Nang city. The bridge created a gorgeous, fascinating tourist attractions for both local and foreign visitors. You don’t wanna miss it when it breathes fire. What you may not know is that the dragon’s eyes have the shape of a heart!

Location: In the city center, on Bach Dang and Nguyen Van Linh street.

31117Caurong (2).jpg
Spectacular scene of Dragon Bridge

-The dragon will breath fire at 9pm on Saturday and Sunday night. On the tourist season, it happens more regularly, not only on the weekends.

-All you need to do is to find a good place to watch/capture the scene. It could be along the bank of Han river, in a nearby coffee shop, or ordering a bottle of beer in a local bar (only around 20.000d), and slowly enjoy it.

  1. Bach Dang riverside

Bang Dang riverside, or Bach Dang street, is one of the most attractive tourist area in Da Nang city. Local people love this street and often gather here in the evening. It’s peaceful in day, delightful and vibrant at night. Walking alongside the riverside, you’ll be able to see Dragon bridge, Han River bridge, and a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, music venues…

Bach Dang is the most beautiful and vibrant at night



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